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What is the best Chicken Tikka Masala recipe

Chicken TikkaSingapore is a popular tourist destination mainly because of the amazing food options available. You will be able to enjoy some of the tastiest around the world during your trip to the country. Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish that will tickle your taste buds when you order it with a group of friends at the best bar to watch sports in the country. The dish will help you to enjoy your drinks better while watching your favorite sport with your dear ones. You will also love the succulent yet spicy combination of ingredients when you order it at the whisky bars in Singapore. The chicken tikka masala is one of the best dishes to order whenever you are in mood for an alcoholic beverage. You can also cook it yourself at home on a casual weekend or while throwing a surprise party for your friends.

The key ingredients needed are garlic cloves which should be finely shredded, 4tsps of grated ginger, 4tsps of turmeric powder, 2tsps each of garam masala, coriander powder, cumin powder, 2 cups of yogurt, 2 pounds chicken breasts cut lengthwise, tomato paste and 2 cups of cream. You need to first of all combine the ginger, turmeric powder, garam masala, coriander powder, cumin powder and garlic in a bowl. You also need one thinly sliced onion, cardamom powder and 2 chilies. Now take the chicken pieces in another bowl, add the yogurt along with half the contents mixed in the other bowl, and mix well. The mixture should form a thick coat over the chicken. Take a pan and heat oil in it. Add the onion and tomato paste along with cardamom powder, chilies and salt. Cook this for about 5 minutes and then add the remaining content present in the other bowl. Keep stirring as you keep and continue the process for another 5 minutes. Meanwhile preheat the broiler, keep the chicken in one single layer, and continue the process till it turns partially black. The chicken will not be cooked well during this process but you should stop the process once it starts getting black spots. Now place the chicken in the pan and continue the cooking process. Add the cream to the combination and keep stirring well. Continue the process for another ten minutes and the chicken tikka masala is ready. The dish that is quite famous at the bars in Singapore and all popular hangouts is now ready to be served. The dish will go well with Chinese and Indian breads or with rice delicacies.

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Are you planning to have corporate gathering In Singapore?

 bars Singapore
An ideal place for corporate gathering:

As you know Singapore is a popular business centre and numerous people visit this country on business trips. Almost every day, some or the other seminars, conferences and corporate gatherings take place in Singapore. These gatherings are normally conducted in some of the popular hotels or exclusive seminar halls.  In fact, some of the organizers choose the best bars to host Corporate Gatherings Singapore. Normally, corporate gatherings are held in hotels that are located on the river side or very close to the sea. It is needless to mention that such hotels provide a fascinating atmosphere for the participants in the corporate gathering.

Every facility is made available:

Apart from these, you also find numerous hotels and bars in the mainland of Singapore which also provide excellent avenue for corporate meetings. As you may be aware, the bars Singapore are known for variety of drinks and most delicious continental cuisines.   In fact, some of the bars and hotels have swimming pool where the participants can relax themselves during their free time.  As a matter of fact, some of the bars in Singapore are nicknamed as corporate bars because these bars provide every facility required for corporate gathering. The staffs of the bar provide you the best services and they ensure that every facility is available at hand.  Starting from the conference venue, the seating arrangements, the ambient atmosphere inside the conference hall, the delicious menu like the Sake Steamed Clam; in short there can be no better place than Chill out bars in Singapore for you to hold your corporate gathering.

Rental is considerably reasonable:

As you know, Singapore is also known for a lively nightlife. In fact, many of the bars work till the dawn and you can spend your night in the entertaining atmosphere inside the bar.  You may wonder that the rental of these bars is quite reasonable. Of course, the rental depends on various factors like the venue, the facilities provided and the menu you have chosen. You can book the venue online also.  The facilities available in the bars are always displayed on the website of the bar.  However, sometimes organizers prefer to visit the bar and appraise themselves about the facility available there.

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What are some good Sweet Spicy Potato Samosa Recipes?

Some of the exotic dishes available at the restaurants and bars in Singapore attract a lot of people to this land. Hot Samosas are commonly found in the streets of India and this is one dish that is now quite popular in Singapore too. The splendid way in which dishes from different parts of the globe gets accepted in Singapore is one key reason that makes the country the food capital of the world. Sweet spicy potato Samosas will make you delighted when you try it out during the evening hours at a food joint. You can also order this as a good food pairing with whisky at the best bars in Singapore. You can make this delectable snack at home too.

Samsosas are usually made with potato as the key ingredient. You can also make spiced sweet Samosas with sweet potatoes along with few other ingredients to enjoy a different variety of the snack. You need about 6tbsp of vegetable oil, a large onion that is chopped, 250g of sweet potatoes, and 1tbsp of curry paste, dried chili flakes, frozen peas, chopped coriander leaves, and 4 sheets of filo pastry to make this dish. You need to first of all heat oil in a pan and add the chopped onion into it and stir it until it turn golden brown in color. You should chop the potatoes into very small cubes and add it along about 150ml of water. Mixing the paste with the potatoes is also a good way to enhance the flavor. Cook this well for about 15 minutes and keep a check on the tenderness of the potato. You should now add the peas and stir it well for about 5 more minutes. Add salt and pepper to this combination according to your taste preferences. Now you need to take the filo pastry and get it brushed with olive oil. You should now place the ingredients that were cooked already on the pastry and rolled in a triangular shape. Heat it in the oven for about 20 minutes to get the Samosas ready. You can make corporate events that you host in the country marvelous if you include Samosas in your food menu. Since it is easy-to-cook you will not have to spend huge amounts of money too.

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How can I choose a bar for a corporate event?

corporate event
If you are looking for the best venue to host corporate events, the restaurant bars in Singapore would be a great option. When you choose a good bar in the country, you will be able to enjoy plenty of facilities which will make the event memorable. You will not have to hire professionals to take care of the interior decorations or make arrangements with third party food vendors etc when the selection of bar is done with care. Here are certain factors that you need to keep in mind in order to choose the best bar in the country to host a corporate event.

Visit the top bars in the country that has a reputation for conducting corporate functions and go through the menu. The default menu provided should be impressive enough if you are planning to invite a lot of guests. If majority of the food items and drinks that you need for the event are absent from the menu, you will have to place extra orders with them or look for third-party catering services which will cost you extra money. However, if you shop around you will be able to find a place in the country that offers a wonderful menu of food and drink options.

You need to check if the place provides the right ambience expected for the event. This selection has to be made after taking into consideration the nature of the event. If you are planning a casual get-together of your business partner, choosing one of the best bar to watch sports in the country as the menu would a great option. The ambience provided at the sports bars is splendid and it will definitely help to make the event enjoyable.
You can also make your selection based on your budget. If you are looking for topnotch facilities without having to spend a hefty amount of money, the wine bars in Singapore would be a great choice. The facilities provided at the wine bars in the county, including the wide choice of food items and drinks, will help to keep the event within your budget without compromising on the elegance of the event.

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What’s the secret to SUPER JUICY Grilled Chicken Pesto Linguine?

Grilled Chicken
Some of the dishes that you order in the best bars in Singapore or the elegant restaurants would stay in your mind for long. The Grilled Chicken Pesto Linguine which is extremely succulent and tasty is one such dish that is served at the top restaurants in Singapore. The combination of pesto added on to carefully cooked chicken provides a dish that taste quite different from the normal dishes.

The best variety of this delicacy is super juicy and it is so because of the addition of cheese and the careful mixing of the pesto. To make the dish extremely slushy, the pesto is laid in a bowl and mixed well first. It is grounded and made into a paste and then moved to a flat plate to blend the flavor well with the chicken. The chicken breast pieces that are chopped into small pieces are kept on a layer of pesto which is mixed with salt and pepper. Now on top of the chicken pieces another layer of pesto is added. The chicken is hence soaked totally with pesto and it is spread well to reach all corners. This combination is to be covered with an aluminum foil before placing in the microwave. You should leave it inside only till the chicken is barely cooked. If you overheat and fry the chicken, it will not taste good. Now you have to add plenty of cheese to the combination and grill it until it is perfectly cooked. This is the exact same dish that you would order at the popular bars in Singapore along with your favorite drinks.

This is also a dish that can be used during special occasions. You can cook this at home and serve it to your friends and relatives when you invite them over for a get-together. It will be an ideal specialty dish to celebrate the birthday of your special friend. You can serve it during corporate events to impress your guests. The dish is yummy and extremely juicy and it is mainly because of the use of sauces, cheese and most importantly the pesto. 

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Things to know while hosting a corporate event in Singapore

Singapore is a preferred business hub because of various reasons. The amenities available in the country help the business owners to conduct important meetings in a splendid manner. The airport in the country is well facilitated with flights to and from all major locations worldwide. The hotels in the country provide topnotch accommodation facilities and the restaurants serve scrumptious cuisines. You will not feel far from home when you are in this country because of the amazing facilities. When you host corporate events in the country, you will be able to make it memorable if you pay a little attention. Here are few things that you should consider. 

Selection of a venue

Choosing the right venue is, by far, the most important thing to do while hosting a corporate function. You need to consider various factors before finalizing on a venue. You should make sure that the place is easily accessible for all your guests. If the event you are hosting is a gathering of your important clients and business partners, you should make sure that the place is elegant. If you try to save money by choosing a place with cheap interiors and poor services, you might end up leaving a black mark in the minds of your business partners. When you shop around, you will be able to find a place that is well equipped with all modern facilities and stays within your budget.

Arranging the food

The quality of food served will be one of the major reasons that would gauge the success of the event. When you choose one of the best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore, you will be able to provide your guests with delectable dishes and amazing drinks. You can even host the meeting at one of the elegant corporate bars in the country. You will not have to order food from outside when you choose good bars as the venue. You should however make sure that the cuisine preferences of your guests are met while selecting the venue. If the place you choose serves only one variant of food and if it is something that would be preferred by your most esteemed guests, you should find alternative arrangements too. You wouldn’t want a hodgepodge of delicacies but you should definitely have enough options to meet the needs of your guests.

Managing the event

After making all the arrangements in a splendid manner, you should not forget to manage the event well. You should have a firm hand in the tiller all through the function. Make sure that your guests are directed to the venue without any hassle on time. You should direct them to their respective seats or make arrangements for the same. You should greet your guests with a pleasant smile and make them feel happy about the whole event. Play the role of a good host by talking to as many guests as possible. When you show keen attention to meet majority of them, they will definitely feel impressed. You should make sure that the food is served on time. Making the right set of arrangements and managing the event smartly will make the event a success.

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The best combos to order at the bars in Singapore

bars in Singapore
When you visit the restaurant bars in Singapore, you can try out plenty of amazing combos. The country being one of the most popular food destinations in the world also serves some amazing beverages. You will be able to enjoy the right mix of food and drinks when you visit the wonderful bars and restaurants in the country. Here are some of the best combinations that you should definitely try out during your trip to Singapore.

Wine and Taralli

Wine is a wonderful beverage that will be of immense help to start off any special occasion. When you take your special one to one of the elegant bars in the country, you would definitely want to start off with a bottle of fine wine. All the premium brands of wines that are popular around the world are available at the bars in Singapore. To make the day better, order Taralli along with the wine. These cracker snacks are excellent when you have it with the wine. It tastes really amazing when you order it with red wine. These Italian snacks are available at all the popular bars in the country.

Nachos and Beer

When you visit the best bar to watch sports in the country with your friends, you would definitely want to order beer. When you sip the beer while watching your favorite team play, you would want to munch on some good variety of snacks too. Nachos are the best when you order beer. You will enjoy the drink better when nachos are served. You will also love the combination when your favorite game is on.

White wine and Seafood

White wine and seafood is a wonderful combination which will leave you in a state of bliss when you visit an elegant restaurant in Singapore. The best dishes that you should try out with white wine are lobsters, prawns and tuna. If you visit a Spanish or Chinese restaurant, you will love the dish better. Some of the bars in the country that serve local cuisine too are excellent to enjoy white wine and scrumptious varieties of seafood.

Martini with Pepper chicken

Martini is one of the most popular drinks around the world. When you order this wonderful drink, you would need a spicy side dish too. Pepper chicken is a wonderful combination when you order martini. You can try it out at the alfresco bars in the country when you are out on a date. You will definitely feel happier when you try out this splendid combo.

Roasted duck and Vodka

When you take your lady out on a special day, you might stop in to enjoy a meal. If you want to suggest a wonderful combo to your lady when you are at one of the best restaurants or bars in the country, go for roasted duck and vodka. It is a wonderful combination that tastes excellent. You will love every bite of the roasted duck when you take a sip of vodka in between. The combination is just superb and you should try it out at the places serving Chinese cuisine.

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Is there a sports bar or restaurant in Singapore

bars in Singapore
Singapore is a country that offers all sorts of entertainment options to the fun-loving crowd all through the year. There are umpteen sports bars in Singapore, where you can enjoy the live telecast of all sorts of sports events. You can watch your favorite game with your dear friends at the elegant sports bars in the country and enjoy the fabulous ambience provided. You will also be able to order amazing drinks while enjoying the games with your friends.

The River Valley Road, Quayside area, Orchard Road, Chinatown and Little India are places that has some of the most amazing sports bars in the country. Some of the whisky bars in Singapore located in these places transform into sports bars during the period of major international sporting events. Hence, even if you do not find a seat at one of the most reputed sports bars in the country during the football world cup season or the F1 Grand prix days, you should try out some of the popular whisky bars in the car to avoid missing out all the fun.

Majority of sports bars located close the popular hangouts in the country provide you with fabulous facilities. You will be able to enjoy the time spend there in a great way not only because of the large video screens and the sound bars but also because of the beverages and food items served. Majority of the sports bars give predominant importance to the beer menu. Beer is the beverage preferred by majority of the people while watching their favorite team play and hence you will be able to choose from more than 15 brands at most of the sports bars. You will be able to enjoy the international premium brands served cool in elegant beer glasses at most of the sports bars in the country. Some of the sports bars even serve special cocktails when the popular sports events take place. You might hence find attractive names on the beverages and food menu when you visit the sports bars and restaurants during the days of a popular international tournament.

You will be able to enjoy your favorite sport even at some of the restaurants in Singapore. Some of the restaurants located in the outskirts of the city convert a room to a sports bar during the event of popular sports tournaments. You will be able to enjoy the fabulous stadium ambience at some of the restaurants in the country during the Grand Slam Tennis seasons, Premiere League days and Cricket World Cup season. Watching your favorite games at the restaurants and bars that offer special facilities during the major sporting events will help you to enjoy almost the same experience that is available at the stadiums. You will be able to enjoy sizzling varieties of drinks, cheer out loud with your friends when your favorite team scores and have a jovial time at the sports bars and restaurants in the country. One of the greatest attractions is the good bar food in Singapore served at the sports bars. You will hence be able to enjoy lip smacking delicacies too while watching your favorite sports.

Things to be considered while hosting corporate gatherings in Singapore

Best Bars In SingaporeWhen you host a corporate gathering, you need to keep in mind certain factors to make the event enjoyable. Let us take a look at the important factors that needs your attention.

Inviting the guests

When you plan to host a corporate event, you need to choose your guests carefully. If you miss out any of the prominent names, you might not get the required results from the event. You will have to make sure that all the people who are directly involved with your business operations are present for the event. Hence, you should make a list of the people associated directly and indirectly with your business organization first and then choose the most important ones from them depending on the total number of people you plan to invite for the event.

Selection of venue

Once you decide on the total strength of guests that you are expecting, you will be able to choose a good venue. Choose one of the best bars in Singapore that provides ample room to accommodate all your guests as the venue.  The best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore provide topnotch facilities, a fabulous ambience and also attractive rates.

Choice of food and drinks

After the talks, meetings and serious discussions, you should make sure that all your guests are provided with a good treat before calling off the event. You should arrange a fabulous food and drinks session for your guests. The choice of food and drinks should be made after taking into consideration the preferences of your guests. When you conduct the event in one of the most reputed bars in Singapore, you will be able to order scrumptious dishes of all sorts of flavors along with the best varieties of drinks. When the food is ordered from the same vendor who provides the venue, you will be able to enjoy additional discounts too.

Creating a schedule

You will be able to plan out a schedule only after making all the other arrangements. If you create a plan before understand details about the venue, you will not be able to manage the time properly. You will not be able to understand the time that would be taken by your guests to reach the place. Similarly, you need to take a count of expected guests in order to plan the event schedule in a systematic manner. You should also consider the type of food you order for the guests before planning out on the lunch breaks and refreshment breaks.

Sticking to the plan

After creating a wonderful plan for the event, you should try hard and stick to the plan. You should create alternate plans to avoid last minute hassles too. If a car that you had arranged to pick up your guests from the airport fails to turn up on time, you should not leave the guests stranded for long. You should have a backup vehicle to deal with such situations. Similarly, when you place orders to serve different needs, you should give a deadline that is sooner than the actual time. If something goes wrong, you should have ample time to make alternative arrangements. A day before the main event, you should contact all the vendors and ensure things are in place to avoid any sort of trouble.

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Places in Singapore to enjoy with friends

Best Bars In Singapore
When you visit Singapore for business or leisure, you should look for means to have maximum fun. The country has plenty of amazing entertainment facilities which will keep people of all age groups happy. Here are some of the best things in the country that you can do with your friends to have maximum fun.

Quayside Isle

If you want to spend some time in the best swimming pools in the country, or go jogging through the track full of golden retrievers, or even choose the best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore that is away from the city centre, Quayside Isle is the place. When you visit this place with your friends, you will be able to get back to your teenage memories and have maximum fun. The place is packed with entertainment options and the neighborhood will remind you of popular television soaps in the western countries.

Forest Adventure

There is no better thing to do with friends than enjoying the most intoxicating drinks at the best bars in Singapore or going on adventure trips to the beautiful forests. With tree climbing, obstacle crossings and free falls the forest adventure in the country is a fun activity to do with friends.

Pulau Ubin

This is a place that is away from the busy nature of Singapore. Very few people live in this small island which is located towards the east of the country. You will be able to spend a lot of fun time with your friends in this beautiful place. You will be able to engage in group activities and enjoy your share of privacy without worrying about irritating onlookers. You can sing, dance, make merry in the uninhabited parts of the island and camp during the day hours. You can rent out a bicycle for extremely cheap rates to enjoy your stay in the island.

Flea shopping

Shopping with friends is always fun. When you visit the flea markets in the country with your friends, you will be able to double the fun because of the amazing options available. MAAD Pyjamas, SCAPE bazaar and Zouk’s Flea are the 3 best flea markets in the country. Choose the one that is open according to your travel dates and visit the place with your friends. You will come across plenty of impeccable products at stunning rates. You will love the experience of walking down the flea markets looking at the numerous products on display. Even if you do not buy anything the experience alone is inestimable.

Indoor games

There are plenty of places in the country where you can enjoy indoor games with friends. Board games, strategic video games, snooker, pool and many other games are available at the indoor entertainment zones in the country. You will be able to have a lot of fun playing these games because of the excellent facilities provided at these game clubs in the country. Some of the bars in Singapore provide the facility of a private room for groups in order to enjoy board games. Engaging in these games sipping your favorite drinks is something that will make you and your friends happy for sure.

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Tips to make weddings fabulous

Singapore bars
When you meet the right person to share your life, the only thing that is needed is a fabulous event to tie the knot. Weddings are one of the most important events in everybody’s life. The event marks the coming together of two different individuals who love each other and it should be made real special. Singapore is one of the best places on the earth to conduct the event in a gorgeous manner. Here are few tips to make the special day of your life all the more fabulous.

Choosing the venue is the key factor that will decide the fate of the whole event. Once you decide on a budget, you can take a look at the popular venues in the country that falls within the price range. If you do a bit of research you will be able to choose the most elegant venue without spending too much of money. There are plenty of bars Singapore that can double as wedding venues. You will be able to make the event splendid by converting the interiors of an ordinary bar using your creativity. Decorating the halls with flowers and other items can create a wonderful ambience without spending too much money. The Singapore bars that are located adjacent to the bay and the river would provide a stunning view for the people attending the event. The snaps clicked during the event will also be marvelous when the location is truly beautiful.

You should hire a reputed wedding planner. There are plenty of wedding planners in Singapore. With professional aid, you will give a stunning makeover to the event. The wedding planners will be able to provide you with fabulous ideas that would not have had crossed your minds. Small additions to the schedules and few extras to the whole plans bring in great positive changes to the event. When you hire a professional, you will not have to worry about making the necessary arrangements to make your guests happy. Everything from walking down the aisle to the completion of the event will be taken care of in a wonderful manner by a reputed wedding planner. You need to just make yourself present during the day and everything else will fall in place in the perfect manner.
Think of the weddings that have happened in your family in the past. Try to gather as many memories of such events as possible. You should also think of other weddings that you have attended in the past.

There would be plenty of things that would be still fresh in your mind from the past weddings you had attended. Try to take the good parts from each wedding and give it a stunning revamp. You can use of the help of the professional wedding planners too to get this done in an enhanced manner. If you can gather the tapes and snaps of these weddings, hand it over to the professionals whom you have assigned to run your wedding. If you go for a bar wedding Singapore, you will be able to make the event memorable without having to spend too much money. When you are able to provide your guests with the best ambience, food and drinks, the event will definitely become eventful and memorable!

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What makes Singapore a popular venue for corporate events

corporate bars Singapore is a country that is considered to be one of the best venues to conduct corporate events. What makes this small Asian country a great venue for business meetings? Well, there are plenty of reasons for this.

The availability of quite a lot of amazing venues is one of the key reasons. Depending on your exact requirements, you can easily choose a venue in the country for the events. You might have different parameters to consider before selecting a venue. The number of people attending the function, the importance of the event, the facilities required and the accessibility are all factors that need to be crosschecked before making your selection. You can meet all these parameters with ease when you are in Singapore. When you compare the available venues in the country, you will be able to find one that easily fits your budget too. There are places available in all sorts of price ranges. If you want to portray the richness of the function, you can easily choose one of the luxury venues located close to the bay area. If you want a wallet-friendly venue that provides true value for the money spent, you can choose such a place too.

The country has plenty of corporate bars and restaurants. All types of cuisines are available at these restaurants and bars. When you choose one of the best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore, you will not have to look elsewhere to arrange the food and beverages. Most of the bars in the country serve all the popular beverages, alcoholic and nonalcoholic, that are available in the world. Hence, you will not have to worry about pleasing your guests who might be traveling from different parts of the globe when you choose one of the bars as a venue for the function. Since the country is quite famous for the splendid food options, you will be able to satisfy the food preferences of all your guests too with ease.

There are great fun options in the country where all sorts of people can relax and have a jovial time after the official meetings. Hence, your guests will be able to take a break and enjoy a short vacation if you host the event in Singapore. This will ensure better participation too. In fact this is one of the major benefits of choosing the country as a venue for corporate gatherings. People of all age groups can enjoy their time alike.  With so many entertainment zones, parks, gardens, fun hangouts and amazing restaurants to serve scrumptious cuisine, Singapore is definitely a traveler’s haven. You will be able to enjoy better results from a corporate gathering if you choose a good event venue in this beautiful country. The country welcomes travelers from all over the world with an open heart and the people in the country are extremely friendly.

The travel facilities available in the country are also excellent. You will not find it hard to catch a flight to and from this country because it is well connected with the rest of the world. All these reasons make the Asian nation a popular venue for corporate events.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What makes Singapore a preferred vacation hub?

alfresco bars in SingaporeWhenever you decide to take a break from your routine life and relax your minds, you would search for places that provide you with various comfort factors. These might be different for different people. Some of you might want to enjoy life in a peaceful atmosphere, away from the busy cities and get close to the nature. Some others might want to enjoy your time at the busy cities, shopping for your favorite products and having a fabulous time with your dear ones. Singapore is one of the most preferred vacation hubs in the world because of the amazing range of options available in this small Asian country. The city is well equipped with all modern amenities required to make your trip worthwhile. The wonderful parks, gardens, museums, restaurants, entertainment zones, skyscrapers, the splendid shopping streets and the magnificent alfresco bars in Singapore are loved by people from all around the world. For the ones who love to stay away from all the hurry-burry can enjoy their time at serene places in the country and enjoy the beauty of the nature. There are lots and lots of reasons that make the country a perfect vacation spot.

The Singapore botanic gardens, zoo, national museum, Universal Studios, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa islands and many other places in the country are fabulous tourist spots that will gift you with wonderful memories for a lifetime. The tourist spots in the country will satisfy all sorts of visitors. If you are traveling with kids, a trip to the zoo or the Universal Studios would indeed make your little ones happy. If you are with a bunch of friends who love adventure, the night safari would be a fantastic option. The commercial islands, the plush green parks and the amusement parks in the country are all great places that will provide you plenty of entertainment.

The nightlife in Singapore is simply awesome. If you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you should step out of your hotel rooms in the night hours and visit the pubs and night bars. Majority of these places would have DJ parties and interesting activities to keep you engaged. You will be able to enjoy sizzling drinks and dance to the tunes of popular numbers with your friends when you visit the best bars in Singapore during the night hours. The city hardly sleeps!

If you love shopping, Singapore has plenty of options in store for you. If you are a huge fan of branded stuff, you will be able to find all your favorite products at the shopping malls in the country. If you love to buy budget-friendly goods, the shopping streets in Chinatown, Little India and the night markets would provide you with all that you need at attractive rates.

The periodic discounts provided by the hotels, restaurants and bars in the country will help you to enjoy your trip without having to spend too much money. All the major travel portals provide you with a surplus of choices regarding accommodation and food in Singapore at amazing rates all through the year because the country welcomes tourists with an open heart.

These are some of the reasons that make the small Asian country one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Enjoy Nightlife in Singapore

nightlife in Singapore
Singapore is a great place to do business; it is neat, clean and has highly efficient infra structure and well educated citizens.  Due to all these facilities, traders, business entrepreneurs and professionals of every type and hue, arrive in droves to conduct business meetings, hold seminars, stage an Expo or take part in various trade shows that are held regularly in the city.  Once they arrive in the city they realize that it is not only a good place to do business it also has a hectic nightlife.

Bars in Singapore vie with bars from any city in the world and nightlife in Singapore is swinging and exciting.  Best bars in Singapore come to life when hordes of revelers descend on them when the night falls. If you are looking for fun experience one of the best fun experience is a tram night safari, held from 7.30 pm to 12.00 every day.  Another way to enjoy Singapore nightlife is to park yourself in any roof top bar and watch the light of cities glimmer and twinkle in distance.  The music is great and you can dance to your heart content or till you become tired.

Best bars in SingaporeIf you are a shopaholic as well as a dancer you can always visit Clarke Quay. The place is famous for its stalls where you can find every type of products from exquisite jewelry to great work of art.  In the night the place throbs with music coming from various bars and lounges. However, If you are really an adventurous type then take a ride in the night on Singapore Flyer, the second largest ferris wheel.  Unlike other ferris wheels this one has fully air conditioned capsules instead of cars or cabins and one can enjoy a panoramic view of the lights of the city from the comfort of the capsule. It is breath taking.

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Qualities for identifying Best Singapore bars

bars in Singapore
With a hub of restaurants & bars in Singapore, it sometimes gets difficult to identify which one is the best Singapore bar to make a visit or host a corporate event/meeting. So, now the question is how to decide whether the bar is the perfect choice or not? Here are few qualities of the best bars in Singapore, which would help you make the best selection.

Food & drink

In every case, considering the food & drink menu is the first aspect to identify whether the bar is perfect for the occasion or not. The menu options should be wide and have all the offerings that you like. Other than this, the quality of the dishes also maters; if you are reserving bar space for a special event, then personally taste the dishes at the restaurant if you haven’t done so before.


Bar crowd or bar society is the easiest way to identify whether you should prefer the bar for your special personal or corporate occasion or not. If the bar is packed with people that completely know the bar pretty well, then chances are it is the hub of a powerful society. You can consider that bar venue is trustworthy and you can consider this as an option.


Singapore barsSingapore bars are popular for their exquisite ambience. Several bars in Singapore would simply amaze you for with their range, attention to detail and beauty. You can pick the restaurant based on the ambience that suits your occasion.


Along with all the above, considering good and privileged services by the bar is also helpful. Supposedly, if you are looking for the best corporate bars in Singapore for corporate meetings, then the bar should be capable of providing all the services that would be important or expected during the meeting.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The widespread food options in Singapore

Wine bars in Singapore
When you think about Singapore, the first thing that would cross your mind is the fabulous dining options available in the country. People from all parts of the world can enjoy a wonderful meal in the country because of the widespread food options available. Plenty of people travel to this country in search of a job and refuse to go back home. When they travel, they carry with them the traditional flavors of their respective countries which get passed on to this island country. If you take a ride around the country, you will be amazed to see the amazing restaurants, whisky bars and wine bars in Singapore.

Snack bars

There are quite a lot of activities that would keep you engaged when you travel to Singapore. During your sightseeing trips and business meetings, you would want instant energy to keep moving forward. You might not have the required time to order a full meal neither would you be hungry enough for that. Snack bars in the country are the best places to fulfill your hunger during such situations. You can try out the mouthwatering pastries, carefully baked muffins, cookies and various types of rolls at these snack bars and make your interim meals glitzy.

When you wake up from a deep slumber after an active night, you would want to enjoy a wonderful breakfast. Singapore restaurants provide you with all sorts of cuisines for breakfast and you can choose a place based on your cravings. A western breakfast which includes French-toast, poached eggs, sausages and fruit juice would sure help to kick-start your day in style. Those who want to start off with a tinge of local flavor can pick their favorites from the dim sums, coconut rice, noodle delicacies, farm-fresh eggs, oatmeal, smoked chicken etc. You can order tea, coffee or fruit juices depending on your taste. You can also try out the Indian restaurants to start your day with some of the traditional dishes from the country which includes Dosas, Flat breads, Idlis etc which are dishes made of rice flour or wheat. You can order vegetarian dishes along with these or go for the non vegetarian options. You have plenty of options to make your lunch and dinner special too. Those who want to enjoy an elegant dinner with their special ones can find best dining bars restaurant in Singapore by the riverside. Along with the lip smacking food served, you can enjoy the beauty of a romantic atmosphere too.
good bar food in singaporeBars
The ostentatious bars in the country are the best places to enjoy fabulous varieties of drinks. If you are looking for the best place to enjoy a wonderful weekend evening with a bunch of friends, the bars in Singapore would be a great choice. You can enjoy good bar food in Singapore which would comprise of Chinese, Mexican and Indian dishes. There are bars that exclusively serve one variant of cuisine as well as places where chefs are multi-talented to deliver plenty of varieties.
The food options available in the country are amazing. To make things better new restaurants, hawker stalls and food courts open up frequently in various areas in the country.

Friday, 11 April 2014

How to enjoy your Singapore trip to the fullest

bars in Singapore

In order to enjoy your trip to Singapore in the best possible way, you need to set your plans right. The country attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world mainly because of the excellent infrastructure, amazing food options and the great entertainment options available. If you set off to the country without devising a good plan, you might not be able to enjoy the country to the fullest. I had once made the mistake of setting off to Singapore with friends without planning out the trip properly. I did not face any difficulties because the country is tourist-friendly but during my second trip which was a well organized one, I realized the difference. I am writing this blog to help all my readers who are planning to visit Singapore soon. Here are some of the most important factors that you should take into consideration before you pack your bags and board the flight.

Time of visit

The climate of the country remains similar all through the year. It is generally hot and humid and might rain occasionally. May and June are the hottest months. If you want to enjoy a lot of time outdoors, it is better to avoid the months November to January because long showers are common during this period. If you want to enjoy Singapore at its best, you should visit the country during the May-July period. The shopping festivals of the country takes place during these months and the country will be all lit-up to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Places to visit

There are plenty of amusement parks in the country where you can spend a wonderful time with your family. The chill out bars in Singapore provides all the fun required during the evening hours when you visit with your friends. To enjoy Singapore nightlife bars are the best option. Most of the bars are open till the early morning hours and you will be able to have a gala time with your friends especially during the weekends. You should make a list of places that you would like to visit in the country and the time duration that you would like to spare at each place. This will help you to enjoy your time in the best manner possible.
Chill out bars in Singapore
Food and stay

You should book your accommodation well in advance. Since plenty of tourists visit the country, you might not be able to find a descent place easily if you search for a place upon arrival. There are many travel portals that can help you with the hotel bookings but it is always better to call up the hotels listed before making the payments to make sure you are enjoying the best rates. Since there are plenty of restaurants and bars in Singapore, you will not have to worry about the food and drinks. However, you can note down the most popular names after checking with your friends who have been to the country earlier so that you will be able to enjoy the best food.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hidden Charm in Singapore: Singapore Must Visit Places

Singapore bars
With the magnetic charm of truly fascinating and bustling place - Singapore, there are hardly few left untouched. Whenever it comes to spending vacations or going for relaxing holidaying, Singapore is always considered as a preferable option. Let us today look at certain factors that prove to be the hidden charm of Singapore and act as magnetic boosters in captivating the tourists from worldwide.

Brimming with towering buildings, swanky shopping malls and classy restaurants, there are not just exciting places, but myriad of activities to do as well, that keep travelers occupied and entertained throughout their stay. There are so many hidden charms that one can explore in the fun and conveniences of a modern city life. It feels great to hang out at the Singapore bars and enjoy at various attractions of this vibrant city.

Feeling vibrancy of city:

You can start with discovering the fusion of Urban Life and Unspoiled Sceneries. Spend a day amidst charmingly elegant landscapes and timeless historic sites. You can look up for Singapore tour packages and enjoy few of the world's loveliest and most relaxing places. Those, who visit Singapore for spending a relaxing time, find amazing solace in the city.

Power of nature :

Nightlife in SingaporeOther than this, Botanic Garden & horticultural attractions like such as the National Orchid Garden and Ginger Garden, the Gardens by the bay in the city also hold amazing charm. You would love to indulge in nature here and enjoy the photography and bird watching.

The transformed nightlife:

Enjoying nightlife in Singapore is the bombshell finally. Singapore turns into mesmeric place for both locals & tourists at the nighttime. After the dark hours, the shield of mesmeric fun spreads over every nook & corner of the city to make it happening. This is the best time to enjoy Singapore nightlife bars.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Exoticness of Enjoying Magical View from Singapore Alfresco Bars

bars in Singapore
Every place has certain beauty and to enjoy this, there has to be a magical spot from where the magical moment can be explored. Yes, Singapore is also one such place that has amazing skyline if watched from a particular angle. Now the question is from where to get this specific angle and reconnoiter the beauty, to which many people have agreed it to be alfresco bars. These rooftop bars in Singapore, are perfectly made from where one can enjoy the panaromic beauty of the place.

If you search for places for good bar food in Singapore, you would not be disappointed with numerous results. You would love the food served at mesmeric indoor ambience as well. But these
time, why don’t you try dining at alfresco bar in Singapore and enjoy the food along with the beauty of your own city. Moreover, the beauty of this place is that you do not even have to think for reasons to dine here, as these bars perfectly suit every reason or get-together purpose. However, why don’t we just have a look at the certain reasons for which you can simply barge in at the most happening alfresco bar of your town.

Few reasons for you to be at alfresco bar:

Dine with your beloved: The most important reason is your lover. Spend some quality time with the love of your life at alfresco bar and indulge into the sublime view of the city. Be it a day time or evening, you would not be disappointed with your visit at the bar, as all the arrangements are perfectly done at the bar.

bars SingaporeBusiness meetings with client: Yes, do not get amazed on this. You can surely call your client at the rooftop bar and hold a professional meet with him. The bars have made special arrangements for their corporate clients, so you would not be disappointed with your decision.

Plan your friends get together: To dine out with friends, one always look up for exciting & happening place. What’s a better idea then rooftop bars. Yes, just call out your gang and host a get together.

Spending personal time is defiantly another reason for why you can visit alfresco bar. If you want to spend some personal time and want to explore the beauty of the city while sipping the chilled beer, then these bars are surely an open option for you.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Know the Bars and Restaurants in Singapore

Bars Singapore
What is a bar? A bar is a place where mostly soft drinks are served to people. In these mini kinds of restaurants, a large variety of liquid drinks are served to people. Singapore is full of decent bars. There is a great variety of bars for everyone to choose from according to personal preferences. Some bars are expensive while some are low in costs and a normal person can easily afford to go over in and take his or her own taste of favourite drinks. Many drinks including soft drinks, hard drinks such as Champaign, beer and different juices as well are served in a legal manner. People go there to relax, to have a party with friends and spend some good quality time with people they enjoy spending time with. A slight music is played in the background.

Best Corporate Bars in Singapore

Many restaurants have bars as well. In them, food is served as well but along with it there is a separate portion for bars. This means that if someone likes to have a drink, he or she can easily go up to that bar portion and take his or her drink. Bars Singapore has to offer have professional employees there to serve people in a right, efficient and effective way.  Furthermore, for business meetings for example they are used to arranging light drinks for cool parties in their menu. There are lots of best corporate bars in Singapore which simply play a great role in all those international business meetings where light drinks or juices are served for the people to keep themselves relaxed and enjoy the moment.

Restaurant Bars in Singapore

Singapore is among those countries of the world which have a good Restaurant Bars. Luxurious style and also at the same affordable rates for every food make them well accommodate. Restaurant bars in Singapore have a nice layout. Most of the Singapore’s restaurants are well ventilated, have a huge space for people to get in and feel comfortable while having nice and well respected staff members and waiters which clearly serve everyone in a better, professional way.

Foods from Different Countries

Restaurant bars in SingaporeSingapore is not only compressed to local dishes but rather has a huge number of dishes all around the world. No matter whether the dishes are those of China, Pakistan, India and sub-continent or whether the dishes are those of American side or African or European, they are all amazing and you must definitely try them out whenever you find yourself in Singapore. Every sort of dish can be seen in Singapore restaurants.  The best cooks of the world can be found in Singapore. There are many cooking academies in Singapore which give training to their local people on how to cook not only local dishes infects cook food of every different part of the world. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

An Interesting List of the Best Bars in Singapore

Bars Singapore
Singapore is one of the leading and advanced countries of the world and no one can deny its importance in the field of tourism, financial sector and IT industry these days. The economy of Singapore is heavily dependent on manufacturing and trade. Singapore is also famous for high rise buildings and its rich culture. Singapore is famous for its restaurants, hotels, beaches and gardens. Many visitors travel every year to see this beautiful place and enjoy their facilities. SANTOSA is a famous place where most of the visitors go and enjoy spending time.

Best Bars in Singapore

There are so many best bars in Singapore where you can go and enjoy spending with your friends. Different people have different preferences and priorities to consider. Sometimes the budget is important.  Some bars are very luxurious with state of the art facilities. Quality wine and other drinks are available. Bars in Singapore are offering different varieties of wine with different new flavours.  In this era of immense competition it becomes very difficult and demanding for the restaurants and bars to satisfy their customers.  Everywhere efforts are made to differentiate the products from other products meant to attract the customers. Discounts are being offered to various customers. If you are tired after hectic week and you want to enjoy spending time with your family, friends or with your girlfriend you can go to bars and enjoy. Some bars are on roof top of the restaurants which creates a beautiful view of the city. Most restaurants have bars where you can go after dinner and chill out with friends and close family members. If you want to enjoy a good cocktail or quality wine such bars Singapore has available are the proper places to choose to go to.

Nice Ambiance

Nice food stuff is the most important and significant part of Singapore. Here you can find almost all the dishes & cuisines of different countries along with their own specialty. People are very cooperative and kind. If you have experience with going to bars, then you should know that the staff is mostly very kind and cooperative. The specific way of presentation is generally good and different. Most bars have dance floors where you can dance with your girlfriend. There is a long list of best bars in Singapore. The criteria of best bars varies from person to person. According to some people, the quality of the wine, snakes and others are important, while some people consider the environment more important. But the importance of food and the quality of wine can’t be compromised at any cost if we talk about best places in the particular area or vicinity of a great place such as Singapore.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Tips to choose the best sports bars in Singapore

sports bars in Singapore
In order to enjoy a splendid evening with your friends, you might want to grab a few drinks and enjoy your favorite sport at a great place. If you are in Singapore, you can enjoy watching all sorts of sports with your friends, be it football, baseball or basketball. There are many sports bars in Singapore that provide you with options to watch your favorite team play while enjoying scrumptious cuisine and amazing drinks. In order to choose the best place to enjoy a lovely evening, you need to play your cards right and make an intelligent selection. Here are few tips to make the job easy for you.

The ambience

In order to have a good time watching your favorite team play with your close gang of friends, you should choose one of the bars in Singapore where the ambience is enthralling. You would want to express your happiness when your favorite team scores and leave a sigh of relief when the opposite team misses. Choose a casual bar filled with people who love the sport. Most of the sports bars in the country allow you to make advanced reservations. You can book a table or two depending on the number of people accompanying you well in advance and enjoy a fun time with your friends. The quality of the video and audio options should be considered before making your selection of the bar to enjoy the game in the best manner possible.

The menu options

When you are at a sports bar, the primary importance is always given to the game that you would be watching. However, you should not forget to consider the menu options provided. A good sports bar will provide you with a good screen to watch your favorite sport and also comfortable seating arrangements. However, the food and drink options are provided. Glance through the menu items before the game commences to make sure that you will enjoy your food at the bar. Look for dishes that go well with your taste buds and drinks that will quench your thirst and help you to enjoy the game better.

Service hours

bars in SingaporeIf you are an ardent football fan, you might want to spend your evening at a bar that is open during the late hours of the night. Some of the important tournaments are telecasted in the country during the late hours and you wouldn’t want to miss the action. Choose one of the time out sports bars in Singapore to enjoy the game, sipping some fabulous drinks, with your friends. You will be able to yell out loud and express your happiness when the team wins and it will give you the same pleasure of watching the match the stadium where it is actually played. You should hence take a look at the service hours before you choose a sports bar to make sure that you are able to enjoy the game without any hiccups.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bars- the most astounding place to enjoy

whisky bars in Singapore
Basically, bar is a special counter on which drinks like beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, cold drinks, etc. are served. The bartender is the person who serves the drinks to the patrons coming to the bar. It is the perfect place to chill out with friends as everything in the bar revolves around style, class and enjoyment. Once you enter the bar, the rules of the game are changed according to you. The friendly staff serving the exotic beverages can change anybody’s mindset in terms of enjoyment. Especially at whisky bars in Singapore, life is totally amazing after day.

Bars can be categorized by the kind of patrons who frequent them:

•    College bars

•    Gay bars

•    Women’s bars

•    Karaoke bars

•    sports bars

•    dance bars

•    Singles bars, etc.

Apart from alcoholic drinks, bars are best known for outstanding entertainment such as a live band, go-go dancers, disk jockey (DJ), comedians or strippers. Sleeping at night seems to be a boring option when there are places like bars to hangout with friends and some special people!!! Those nerve breaking sporty moments, yummy snacks with endless drinks add to the thrill in enjoyment. Shaking a leg to the beats of the DJ on the dance floor is just like reliving your life. The wonderful people, the sensational music, the astonishing dance, and everything present make you feel awestruck. The ambience of lights with the magic of music adds to the impeccable dining experience.

Meeting new people, making new friends, sharing your experiences, chatting, gossiping, and pouring your heart out is something exceptional that you can do in bars after your busy and hectic day. A visit to the bar can rejuvenate your mood and give a vent to all your tensions. The vibrant colors, graciousness and warmth of staff, amazing drinks makes you feel fresh and full of life making every patron smile and come back for more. The whole experience will turn an ordinary evening into a celebration. If you are living in Singapore and looking for nice ambience whisky bar then go online and experience the fun.

Laws in many jurisdictions prohibit minors from entering a bar but people above 18 can enjoy the incredible experience. For the safety and security of women, bouncers (security guards) are employed who have a great physical strength and size to control the unwanted situations. Apart from providing security, bouncers have a job of checking the legal age; refuse the entry for intoxications and aggressive behavior.

Stating the night life at bars in a single line, “Your experience at the bar will be second to none”.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How Are You Hosting Corporate Events In 2014?

Corporate Bars
How important are the corporate events for the business according to you? Do you think hosting corporate meetings, events or social gatherings does good to the company? If your answer is yes, then how do you think are these supposed to be hosted? No doubt, by adding a special element to the corporate meetings, one can bring a change in the working environment.

Some people prefer to host corporate event at the conference halls and auditoriums, where they can professionally discuss about the business agenda, business plans, achievements, or loopholes. But, do you think that is sufficient in today’s world? There is no space for being boring, or by calling it as strict professionalism. In fact, being creative and doing out of the box work is what appreciated today.

There is not any need to invite the staff members, clients, or stakeholders and leave them all over to the speakers, who just have to talk continuously about the business along with cracking 4-5 random jokes. Instead, if one is sending invitation to important people connected with business, then it gets important to serve them in a perfect way and tell them how they are connected to few of the best companies in the industry and why they should maintain the spirit.

Corporate eventsCorporate Bars and other restaurant and bars for hosting corporate gatherings have become one of the most loved places. If you have not yet hosted an event here, then you must host at least one to identify the difference yourself. You at least notice that the guests are not busy looking at their lap instead of the speaker (yes, people generally are busy checking their mails or surfing their iPhones hiding between the lap, especially when they are not interested in something that is happening around.)

It is never too late to experiment with something new. So, in this year 2014, if you are preparing to host a corporate event, then get prepared to do it with little difference.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Various Options to Make Your Night out Special in Singapore

Best Bars In SingaporeWhen it comes to enjoying nightlife in Singapore, excitement and fun surely gets doubled amongst night life lovers. Singapore is the place that offers wide range of fun and entertainment for the clubbers. It is said that life in Singapore starts in dark, which brings in lots of options for natives. You might be thinking that what re various options that one can enjoy at this place:

To enjoy nightlife at this place, first thing that comes in mind is to make a list of best bars in Singapore. Yes, if you want to have complete fun and enjoyment then nothing can be better than fun in the restaurant. It is not only food, which is famous here, but also drinks that lure mind of the person. From grooving music to chilling ambience, each bit is designed in such a way that it transforms the mood of the person. There are different options available like alfresco, sports, chill out, and wine bars in Singapore from which you can easily make the selection and choose the appropriate one.

wine bars in Singapore Second option that can be chosen to make night out special is to participate in one of the festivals. There are several festivals that take place in Singapore so one can easily take part in one of the festivals and can enjoy completely fun and enjoyment. Some of the festivals are like laneway, China new year, street festivals, and much more. It completely depends on the time that you are going to attend festival in the night. The fun and excitement gets double when one enjoys nightlife by participating in one of the festivals.

Third and one of the finest options is to discover night safari tour. This is one of the tour that is adventurous and at the same time very interesting. Traveling in the tram and experiencing each reptile, mammal, animals, closely is something that lures the mind of the visitor and adds on charm to the nightlife.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Not So Silent Nightlife of Singapore in 2014

nightlife in Singapore
 If you are a night person and love to explore the fun in the world when the sun sets and dark sheet covers the world, then it cannot be possible that you are unaware of the nightlife in Singapore. If it comes to counting happening activities to enjoy Singapore’s nightlife then there are countless of them. Let us check out some of the activities which are all set to make not so silent Singapore’s nightlife happening. 

Rhapsodies of Spring 2014 from 10 Jan 2014 To 11 Jan 2014 at Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall, Singapore Conference Hall

If you are in Singapore on New Year, then do not miss the chance to welcome a fresh year with a spring-themed musical celebration. The event will host few best-loved radio DJs who would showcase their hilarious ‘antics and wit’ along with several tunes on traditional instrument. 

Singapore International Bachata & Latin Festival 2014 from 24 Jan 2014 To 26 Jan 2014 at various venues in Singapore 

Grab the chance to be a part of Asia’s one of the biggest street and Latin dance festivals. You can join the three days workshops, competitions, shows and parties at this event. Not only this, you would also get the chance to tap on the beats of street dance genres like bachata, salsa, chacha, samba and tango with renowned dancers from all over the world.

Laneway Festival Singapore 2014 on 25 Jan 2014 at Gardens By The Bay 18 Marina Gardens Dr.

Chill out bars in SingaporeThe good news is for the indie fans, who can be a part of hotly anticipated Australia's famed Laneway Music Festival. At the Singapore's Gardens by the Bay you can enjoy the music festival with the famous artists including Savages, Daughter, Chvrches, the Jezabels. 

Furthermore, if in case, you are just planning to chill out or spend a relaxing evening, then Singapore bars are there to give you solace. Singapore hosts an extensive array of dining and entertainment hotspots from which you can choose the best one of your choice. If you wish to go to chill out bars in Singapore, then you can start your hunt at Marina Bay, Millenia Walk, Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.